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Welcome Rizlaine & Aurélie

By: Manuel - 08 février 2016 - 0

Rizlaine et Aurélie

Hi everybody! No need for tight pants or a cape: you’ll easily recognize the new duo of Super-Trainees…  Beware Batman & Robin, the time has come for Rizlaine & Aurélie to be the next team in town!

With our new mentor, Théodore Taymans, we are going to do everything we can to make L’UNION a better agency!

Pay attention: no gadgets or fake powers: through our different training at IHECS, we have developed some real skills! But because we don’t come from Krypton, we are not perfect: that’s why we are going spend 3 month among all the citizens of BetaCowork! We are willing to learn more so when we’ll leave you at the end of April, we’ll be stronger than ever!

Efficient in a team of Avengers, or by ourselves, we always do our best and are happy to help whenever anyone needs us! Sharpened critical thinking, extremely developed curiosity, desire to always do better: we’ll make our powers available to face any circumstances. Our reactivity and smile will represent our best arsenal to face any difficulty: there’s no mission big enough to frighten us!

Our identities are no secret: feel free to add us on LinkedIn and to speak to us at the cafeteria… We are not as pretentious as those X-men guys!





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