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Welcome Belva

By: Belva Nshuti - 30 janvier 2018 - 0

new trainee Belva

Hey there ! If you couldn’t already tell, my name is Belva, I’m 22 years old and I am the new trainee in the agency ! I’m currently in my second year of my master’s degree in Communication and Marketing at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. This internship is the opportunity to finally dive in these creative and dynamic fields that are Communication and Marketing!

To my friends, I’m the one who’s always down for whatever! Just a phone call and we could be having the best time of our lives on the dance floor, discovering a new city and planning our wedding with our non existant-yet futur husbands. Or we would catch up around a cup of tea and talk about what we want and how we plan to live our best lives. To my mom, I’m the greatest gift she’s ever had (;-), a super woman who can surpass the greatest obstacles and do anything… except the dishes *sight* (:-)
And for those I’ve had the chance to work with, they usually tell me that they know they can always count on me and that I always have the right words to cheer them up when their day hasn’t been so great.
  • Taking part of amazing projects
  • Getting to know the Beta community better and hopefully finding my place in it
  • To grow, to learn and get better !




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