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Ferre à votre service

By: Mélanie Rodriguès - 01 mai 2017 - 0


Who the f*** is Ferre ?

(Or as French speaking part of Belgium like to call me : Ferré, Ferré and the winner : Ferrerro)

I’m happy to introduce myself as the new trainee at L’UNION! For two months I will try to help Théo and his team to generate creative, effective and crazy ideas to spice up your communication !

In order to finish my education as a communication manager at the AP college in Antwerp, I had to gather some work experience. And where would you better find it than in Brussels, at L’UNION ?

Yes, you got it right I’m Flemish. Which will make these two months more challenging but certainly also more instructive! If you want to test my knowledge of this crazy thing called French, you can always talk to me about football, music or movies and TV series. And of course about communication, communication and communication !

Any questions or do you need some help ?




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