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Welcome Mélanie

By: Mélanie Rodriguès - 17 juillet 2017 - 0


Hello everybody ! I’m Mélanie, aka the vegan girl (« what is that ?? » is generally following this sentence*), the new trainee at L’UNION.

I’ll be there for 4 months, challenging myself and trying to improve my Belgian imitations skills #TypicalParisian.

On a more serious way, I’m here to complete my Master Degree in Marketing and Digital Transformation, and to help Theo to develop the agency. I’ve worked for almost 2 years on a communication agency and 1 year within IKEA, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I can help in any way.


Can’t wait to meet you all!



PS : I’m shy, but if you come say hi I promise i’ll be the friendliest ever.

PPS : if you have any advice on where to go, what to eat etc. in Brussels, let me know ! 🙂

*just ask me if you want more details




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