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Welcome Victoire & Julie

By: Mélanie Rodriguès - 06 février 2017 - 0


Hi everybody,

Let’s begin with a little introduction of Theodore’ new trainees duo…

But first, to embrace the atmosphere, let’s start this song during the reading :



Now you get it, it’s gonna be 3 lively months at l’UNION !

We’re like the perfect Swiff knife. A high pressure resistance, numerous abilities of adaptation limitlessly reusable and always handy. We work like the two sides of a single coin. Together, we make the complementary, efficient and fearless duo know as « Victoire and Julie ». We wouldn’t want to brag but not only creative, imaginative and open-minded, we’re also determinate, energetic and most of all thirsting for knowledge.

Freshly coming for IHECS, we are used to be out of our comfort zone and can handle stressful situations. We try to think « out of the box », even if sometimes we’re going a little bit too far from it and someone has to bring us a little closer of the the right path.

So if you feel overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reach out to your new first-aid kit. We’re here to help, learn and improve, smile and good mood guaranteed !




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